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i collect trust
i put it in jars
and place them along my walls
i hide behind them
and skitter across floors coated in dust
i lust for answers
questions upon questions
blanket my awareness
sifting through to the light
i only see it in glimpses
im more at home down here anyway
living from day to day
under the beds of other's
for everything
hungry hungry hungry
i see things that i dont mean
and mean things i dont say
to be free is never free
but its okay
ill always be here
saying something
because its something to say
but if you were to listen..
i learn to sway
and will learn to float
bellowing this smoke
dive into the mix
even though it makes me sick
become more
this is an umentionable state
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And your eyes sparkle
With irrendescent hopelessness
I slump in this defeat
I admit that I, for today
Am weak
And you cant begin to process
The swelling uprising tide of my heart
The ebbing flow of this timed massacre
And I bet you wont even read this
Let alone distract yourself from your reflection
To even begin to go about comprehending these words
I am forgetful and forgiving
The illusion of fine
Holds fast in the windows you see through
And all you see is calm and collected
You cant fathom my distress and sudden unrepressed state
Its scary and unreal
I need that fuzzyness you get
And I cant stand not feeling it
It helps it helps
And I am a tiny reproduction of her
My life needs some reorder
But Ive got no more materials to use
Its so wrong
Because Im doing everything right
And it just doesnt change anything
And I cant win
It just gets worse and worse
My face wont cooperate and my hands are unruly
I hold these grudges
And dream of your face alight
And when you wake you
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inspired by L E T T E R S
and i read those piles of words
i hoarded that collection of letters
and i dove into them
i let them swallow my shallow mind
so precious and dull
they consumed me
until inspiration spilled from my mouth and fingers
i wont regret this
i breathe in this translation
its apart of my clouded chest
it has seeped into my head
i cant shake it
for its all ive got
its holding me together
im bound by each letter
i fight
and strain
   but i cant break it
simplistic and meaningless
contorted and forged
and these shapes symbolize our world
we feed from them
and thrive on this link to humanity
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I Was Never Really The Best Swimmer
All I can ask is why would you do this?
And Im swimming in the sorrow
Even with my eyes shut
Im swimming
The corpse of us is cold and still
And I can smell the stench of failure
The light of hope dimming
Youre losing it
Losing it
The man holding the cards
Fate laughs at us
And Im swimming in the sorrow
All I can see is the wet sadness
Of a future drowned in our mistakes
Or rather choices
Stuoid stupid choices
I had fought against the logic of their voices
And now Im swimming
The truth still makes me sick
It pulls me down
Into the depth of its wrongness
Im lost in it
Realization hits homeAnd Im alone
So alone
Im swimming
Just swimming far below the surface
I breathe the water
And choke
On the need to break
The expanse of the ice
Trapping me under
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Learning For The New Age
The dark tugs at the age
Sometimes Im under
Sometimes Im above
But Im learning
Oh Im learning
Your smile tastes of love
And it holds me afloat
A strong resistance
Against the black anchor
Chained to my heart
And Im learning
Oh Im learning
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And every night
Before I sleep
When the dark comes
I lose my resolve
I falter
And crumble to pieces
Ground into dust
By these traveler's souls
All the promises
All the faith
You let me fall
And break apart
You were supposed to catch my breath
And hold it close
To the love
Behind my eyes
The shine
In my smile
Our blade
Now dull
A broken spine
Supporting a million regrets
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Cross my heart, hope to dye it all black. Like ink in my veins; my fingertips: pens, writing my fate on faded paper.  read it aloud later, fold it and crumple it up. Pages litter my world. I'm lost beneath their ranks. Sinking in the pitch bleeding from my broken chest. The only light dimming, the only  beauty here wilting. Fear grips my heart, crushes my brittle existence. It thickens the air, tangible breath. This earth tilts on it's axis, dumping me in the abyss. Hope, like stars, sprinkle the place between here and there. I'm carried away in a tide of nothing, though I feel there's gotta be something. Swirled around in the deep, or are my eyes just closed? Opened to reveal a paper doll planet, flimsy and easily burned. And I am made of fire and heat; incorrigible and deathly afraid.
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Unsteady feet,
On a topsy turvey world.
What do you do when you're alive?
You live.
For the sake of your mother's eyes,
You live.
Through the wreckage of our futures,
I have learned that you are blind.
I live on false hope and regrets.
Spinning with your heart full,
You have a mad mind,
A mad mind.
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